… nearly a new year and a long way from where we were…

…2014 was an equally brilliant and terrible year. 2015 was similar.  I won’t go into lots of the rubbish that happened, but needless to say I haven’t written anything on here for nearly four years, and now I feel like talking again.

We got our pigs in the Autumn of 2013, two beautiful little Kune Kune, and despite being meant for the table, they are still wallowing in their paddock in the winter sunshine, perfectly unaware that their wimp of an owner has left them with a bright future as pets.


Chickens have come and gone, most of them buried solemnly at sunset. Some have gone to the foxes, three have fallen victim to naughty dogs, in particular to…

….Mary, our new puppy. Dear and savage in equal measure she is certainly spirited, and now a third much loved character for my Tigga’s Travels.


In partnership with friends we opened Harp Lane Deli in Ludlow.  It was a rewarding, creative, scary and exhausting experience, and I feel immensely proud of our little shop and what it has become.


We also bought a house. A ramshackle Victorian farm that was in desperate need of attention.


It seems a long time ago that we first clapped eyes on our future home,  enticingly positioned down a long track – red brick chimney pots peaking above the long grasses. Nearly three years later it is slowly but surely flourishing…


Whilst writing this post we moved to  Home Farm and had to say a sad farewell to Hillpike, the place that has nurtured us since moving to Shropshire.  Friendships and business ideas, crazy animal plans and all sorts of dreams have been conceived here, some fulfilled and others abandoned.  Whilst I have been desperate to get to the new house, it has been with a heavy heart that we left the home that looked after us so well. I will miss the view more than anything. Four years since our move from the city, the view from our bedroom window never failed to take my breath away…



Most importantly, 2016 saw the arrival of our long-awaited little girl. Born in the height of the summer, our little baby – now 18 months old – is no longer so little. We have all completely fallen for her.  2017 has come and nearly gone without us even realising…


Last but not least I am thrilled to be painting again. My life is very child centric at the moment and my paintings and drawings are embracing the subject of mother and child.



These musings of mine may seem boring to some, boastful even – none of this is intentional.  For me, it is more of an online diary of my life in the country, including recipe ramblings, my paintings and drawings.  It is also a diary for me, treasuring my little boy’s earliest years – an attempt to capture him as he grows so alarmingly quickly. It will also capture the early days of my daughter as she grows and flourishes and begins to show us who she is. It will enable me to reflect and see how far we have come.  This is a new chapter for us…watch this space…if you want to…

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4 Responses to … nearly a new year and a long way from where we were…

  1. Agatha Pinch Cheek says:


  2. Beautiful in every way dear one xx

  3. Luke says:

    Marvellous, and I still can’t belive we let you have Mary but we’re not doing to terribly with our four!

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