…the constant gardeners…

…we have spent the last few blazingly warm days turning our little unloved and desperately tangled garden into a little paradise.  Slightly burnt and ever so tired we have cleared and pruned, raked and sewn, with our efforts culminating in a mighty bonfire.  Neither my husband nor I have ever considered ourselves to be green-fingered, but we have definitely caught the gardening bug, and now spend the warmer, lighter evenings watering the little saplings in hope of a bounteous crop of fruit and vegetables for the coming months.  The bees are buzzing merrily around the newly painted and planted door, with the pots now full of sweet peas, trailing-geraniums, lavender and hollyhocks and all is well.



We have taken our vegetable patch very seriously and have even measured out precisely (with a ruler) the positioning of our seedlings, allowing order to preside in our otherwise disorganised lives. We look forward to four types of cabbage – I’m not a huge cabbage fan but my husband got carried away. Cherry, Roma and Heritage tomatoes, Red peppers, chillies, garlic, red and white onions, carrots, herbs of all varieties and 3 types of strawberries.



On an even more exciting note are the rows of runner beans and peas, slowly curling their leafy tendrils up the steep canes.



Mightily impressed with ourselves, all that is left to do this eve is to sit back and enjoy the sound of the bees buzzing and the unmistakable silence that ensues when the naughty Jemima is doing something she shouldn’t.  As I look up she has destroyed yet another poor sapling – this time a helpless chilli plant just starting out on its growing adventure. Stay away from the plants Miss Jemima…


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3 Responses to …the constant gardeners…

  1. Crease says:

    That Jemima needs to be sent to Battersea Dogs Home where she could muck about with other mongrels of dubious origin…..

  2. We have been struck with a blooming digging spaniel…..perhaps we should send them to doggy borstal?! xxx

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