…chips in the parlour, cider in the castle, and piglets on the farm…

…last Saturday dawned bright and clear, and full of springtime optimism we headed to Ludlow Castle with several excited children in tow.  It was marvellous, however the sun soon disappeared from the stony ramparts and a fine drizzle dampened our enthusiasm – we were left feeling rather cold and seeking sustenance.  A quick sashay around Zani Lady’s brilliant Brocante and we were off to our local village of Leintwardine to The Fiddlers Elbow, to enjoy their famous fish and chips which were delivered to us in the next door pub, The Sun Inn.

I have been visiting this little parlour pub – one of the oldest surviving parlour pubs in Britain, since I was a little girl.  Then, I would have had lashings of ginger beer, but this time I had a whole pint of cider all to myself!  I was ravenously hungry and devoured mine and most of my boy’s chips, before feeling very full and very tired, and being forced to rest in one of the crochet-draped armchairs by the little coal fire…



…to wake ourselves up we spent a wet and blustery afternoon at the charming Acton Scott Museum, (BBC Victorian Farm)  where we nearly bought two Tamworth Weaners – I’ll have to work hard to convince my husband that two piggies are the next best step for Hillpike.  At a mere £38 these babes are worth some serious thought, particularly this cheeky little piglet…


It really is an astonishing farm, using entirely Victorian methods with the farm labourers charmingly dressed in Victorian clothing with red spotted neckerchiefs. We saw lambs that had just been born, terrifically huge Shire horses ploughing the fields, a donkey that I fell in love with, alongside numerous chickens, turkeys, and ducks, all with their numerous babes in tow…


…they even had a flock of Shropshire Sheep – a breed of domestic sheep that have been roaming the hills of Shropshire since the 1840s, and they are indeed a fine and chunky breed…


The evening ended with beautifully marbled steak from The Ludlow Food Centre, alongside my very first homemade béarnaise sauce and even more chips. Chips twice in one day…how terribly naughty…

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2 Responses to …chips in the parlour, cider in the castle, and piglets on the farm…

  1. Sounds delicious….if only we had been there…! xxxxx

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