…chickery chick, cha laa cha laa…

…our feathery friends have finally arrived, and they have been pecking around their Hillpike residence – resplendent with bunting – for two weeks.  Despite my fears that the dogs may eat them, or that they might be terribly hard work, they are in fact a delight.


Winifred, a beautiful White Sussex,


Peggy, a shy little Amber,


Gertrude, a very shy Barred Rock,


And a confident and harrumphing Brown Ranger that answers to the name of Dorothy,


Despite the freezing weather and incessant snow, we have already started to have some eggs – some white, some brown – and they are delicious.  It is still such a treat to peer into the nest box and spy a cluster of little eggs. The eggs are still very small, and will remain so whilst our pullets are young, but as the hens get older the eggs will increase in size and numbers. We have already used them to make an Easter hotcross bread and butter pudding, and a giant pavlova, and look forward to many more culinary treats thanks to the girls.

Early in the morning we venture outside to let out the birds, and by dusk they have already taken themselves off to bed.  They really are rather self-sufficient, and I do hope Mr Fox stays away as we are all becoming rather attached.  They already peck treats from my hand and run towards us when we pop out to visit them.

As the Easter weekend draws to a close, the fires are lit and we are trying to stay toasty despite the arctic temperatures. A wintery walk earlier this week proved somewhat difficult, particularly for the youngest member of our family…


…Oh well, by the end of next week we will probably be in the grip of an early heatwave and the little chicks and skinny, leggy Jemima can bask in the spring sunshine at last.

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1 Response to …chickery chick, cha laa cha laa…

  1. Oh what a delight! Such good names too! Can’t wait to meet them all xxx

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