…a spot of Christmas bother….

…” ’twas the night before Christmas” and despite running out of oil, having no working Aga, no central heating, our truck breaking down and our heads full of cold, we are attempting to feel festive in our cold little farm.  The fires are roaring – although we have a dangerously low supply of logs – and although all of my presents have arrived on time, it might have been more useful if I had remembered to ask Father Christmas for oil and wood.  Never mind, all of my bottles of ruby-red sloe gin are decanted and gleaming in their beautiful bottles, and these should hopefully help us to stay warm if all else fails…


The presents are under the tree and despite a bare patch appearing near the bottom where my boy can’t resist pulling off the baubles it all looks very pretty, including this darling hand-carved angel I picked up in Cologne.


Earlier this week my creative talents reached an all time high with a colourful paper-chain. Using bright poster paints and some scraps of paper – with some help from a certain little elf – the kitchen is now festooned with the Christmasy garlands.  However, I am sad to say  that despite this creative burst I feel beaten and have completely run out of time.  I have not even managed to make my Christmas cake, despite having all the ingredients at the ready – here is last years snow covered cake instead…


This year I only have to cook for Boxing Day so the prospect of no Aga is a little less daunting.   I am going to make little homemade filo pastry tarts with homemade cranberry jam and slices of brie, baked until hot, melted and crispy, served with mulled apple juice and mulled wine.  This will be followed by a baked ham, studded with cloves, and black-cherry jam  – inspired by Nigella’s recipe in FEAST.  I will serve this with red cabbage, bubble and squeak, homemade chutneys from my larder and a pork pie made by our local butchers.  I am also planning to make a Christmas Yule log using another Nigella recipe. Fingers crossed yum scrum…

With my baby’s stocking safely hung by the fire with care, all that is left to do is to wish everyone lots of love and merriness this Christmas Eve x

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2 Responses to …a spot of Christmas bother….

  1. Crease says:

    All I can say is you look mighty fine in your corduroy pantaloons on this grey and gloomy Crimboeve. You’re a sight for sore eyes larda xxx

  2. Oh dearest. Shall I send up some logs from our Jesus shed? xxxxxxxxxxx

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