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…a spot of Christmas bother….

…” ’twas the night before Christmas” and despite running out of oil, having no working Aga, no central heating, our truck breaking down and our heads full of cold, we are attempting to feel festive in our cold little farm. … Continue reading

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…homemade mincemeat, gluwein and snow, snow, snow….

Last week I asked my friend Granny Cockspur to come and help me make mincemeat – she is the queen of preserving and pickling and I couldn’t have asked for a better helper.  The recipe we used was seriously simple, … Continue reading

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…the harvest supper, a mistletoe auction, a bagful of feathers and a little disappointment…

In contrast to last week, this week I have found myself somewhat lacking in festive cheer.  I visited the mistletoe auction full of ideas and excitement, and despite bags and bags of beautiful mistletoe and holly, I left disappointed and … Continue reading

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