…a morning of solitude, a Sunday of Remembrance and darkening afternoon skies…

This is my first morning alone for a long time. My boy is away for a few hours, wearing the finest shoes I have seen in a while…

So, I am drifting around my home seeking inspiration.  It is a dreary November morning, and the farm is swathed in a wreath of cloud.  It is a far cry from the bright cold morning of last Sunday when I proudly watched my brother on parade in honour of Remembrance Sunday – as we walked in quiet procession even the youngest babes seemed to sense the solemnity of the occasion.

Back to the peaceful solitude of my morning, and on a lighter note, I have been trying to resist the early signs that Christmas is coming.  This is very difficult for me as I practically live for the start of December and the trumpeting herald of carols and christmas tunes waltzing from my radio.  With all my recent pickling and preserving I am somewhat ahead on the present front this year, and have already bought the bare bones of a wreath which I will be making and writing about as soon as I’m sure it won’t be annoying for certain festive scrooges.

As an early nod to the onslaught of all things festive, but keeping my feet firmly rooted in Autumn, I have cited this beautiful piece of poetry (oddly enough, I found it in the TOAST catalogue). It perfectly  sums up how I am feeling now that the afternoons are darkening and the nights are drawing in.

Switch off the news
put aside the papers;

roll them up instead,
lay a fire in the hearth
and put light to it.

The wind withers around
the eaves, rain batters

roof and window pane.
Switch off the electric light,
draw a blanket to your chin

All is calm, all is bright:
it’s you in your world, the

wild world around,
all by soft shadow
all by candlelight.

Hmm, I think I shall do just that, along with lighting my front door candle…. 

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3 Responses to …a morning of solitude, a Sunday of Remembrance and darkening afternoon skies…

  1. Amy Pike says:

    Love it – keep em coming Lyds!

  2. AgathaPinchBottom says:

    nice shoes…

  3. Crease says:

    Whoever chose those shoes deserves a medal for impeccable taste but I do feel the wretched youth should be instructed to polish them occasionally……………………

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